7 Ways To Improve Your Email Marketing Campaigns That Doesn’t Include Working On The Content

Businesses all around the world still use email marketing and some will have great success whilst others are still wondering why their open rates are so low and why their links aren’t being clicked.

The truth is that email will work for your business but only when it’s a permission-based relationship. To be well received by your customers you’ll have needed for them to say its ok for you to send them the email in the first place and this is predominately where most businesses fail.

Before you even consider any of the 7 points listed below, take a look at your own database and split it out into permission based and non-permission based contacts. If you’re brave enough remove the non-permissions and instead market to just the permission based. If you’re not brave enough, market to both and see the difference by running the same campaign to both sets.

Here Are 7 Ways To Ensure Better Email Marketing Campaigns: –


1  Update Your Database

Use your database as a contact center for your business, visit your database or CRM on a regular basis and find contacts within the list that are good for your business. Rate and rank into priority order, build nurture plans to move them up and down the scale of importance then focus on marketing to each one individually with something that they need.


2  Make Sure Your Email Has A Purpose

Don’t email without a purpose, think about your contact do they need this email? Will they find it of use? Have they shown any interest in what your about to send?


3  Your Email Should Be Customer Targeted

Never mass mail! Instead group your contacts into lists where that contact has shown an interest or that you know would be interested. Only send information to the contact if they match that list.

Always apply the golden rule: –

“Send the right information to the right person at the right time”

4  Send Engaging Subject Lines

If you’ve followed the advice so far then you’ll be ready to send, keep it interesting for your customer by creating engaging subject lines that will attract the reader.


5  Add In Email Personalisation

Where possible add personalisation, which will be taken from your contacts data. So whether it’s first name or the town they are in, you should look to add it in to the email. Personalisation builds relationship and makes us more likely to read and trust the email.


6  Get The Email Timings Right

The time your email is received can change the results dramatically, so you’ll need to test and measure to find your optimal time. Think outside the box by trying early mornings, weekends and middle of the night, you never know what will happen until you have tried!


7  Review The Analytics

The key to any marketing success is to review the results and email is no different. By analyzing the results you’ll be able to make better real time decisions.


Are You Ready To Start?

You may already be well experienced in email marketing but you should take the time to review your database. Creating a more targeted database will allow you the chance to focus on your key leads and create information that they really do want to receive. Tweaking your plan to include the 7 points listed above will help improve your results but none more so than sending the right information to the right people at the right time.

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Article Written By Stuart Baddiley Of Luv4 Marketing