5 Easy Ways For Creating Engagement In Your Social Posts

“Social Media is about creating engagement and nurturing relationships whilst making your potential customers aware of your products and services that you offer.”

Creating engagement isn’t always the easiest thing to do especially when you need to create regular content and even more so when you need to create content across multiple platforms. You can soon become lost and downhearted when your out of new ideas and your current content isn’t exactly trending!

One of the key tactics you should look towards is creating content that is high in engagement, these content pieces are those that will be watched, will be responded to and most importantly will be clicked via your call to actions.


Listed Below Are 5 Great Engagement Posts: –

(1)  Showcase Testimonials

When others talk about their positive experiences whilst dealing with your business, it causes other new customers to look at your products and services. Don’t script the testimonials instead allow the customers to say what they would like. Creating engagement through real people increases the trust element and makes it easier to buy from you.


(2)  Allow Your Customers In

If you sell, sell, sell your posts won’t be well received. You can certainly sell from time to time but not every time. Instead highlight the benefit, look for emotional connections on what your products and services can do for your customer.

Showcase your business in other ways too, rather than showing just your products or services, how about showing the people (staff) behind the scenes or highlighting your core values?


(3)  Bring Your Business To Life Through Your Brand

A brand doesn’t have to be 1 dimensional, it can be alive and fun too. Where would Mcdonald’s be without Ronald Mcdonald or KFC without Colonel Sanders? Brands can be more accessible to the customer when your customer buys into your businesses and what you stand for.


(4)  Encourage Your Audience To Do The Work For You

Online algorithms are set in favour of the customer, they certainly aren’t set in favour of the business. With this in mind find ways to get your customers creating engagement and turning them from customer to raving fans! Raving fans will promote your business for you and activate the set algorithms so their posts will have a great organic reach.


(5)  Video

Showcasing your business on video is really powerful, not only will your video standout on busy timelines or be well received through SEO but your customers get the chance to see your products and services in a live and real way.

Are You Ready To Start?

List down the posts that you currently create and using analytic tools see which ones are working for you. You should look to increase the types of posts that you are creating including, selling, promoting, value, competitions, data capture, brand building and so on. By listing out the types of content that you want to build will help focus your mind before you send it.

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Article Written By Stuart Baddiley Of Luv4 Marketing