7 Easy Ways To Boost Your Business Blogs

Business Blogs is a well known and well proven tactic for increasing web traffic, building brand and converting customers but yet so many businesses still fail to post blogs on a regular basis.

Blogs bring so many additional benefits including SEO but the main focus is to bring an audience that is interested in your products right into your website allowing them to move easily from the blog through to sales pages or at least data capture forms. Business blogs that are written consistently and with thought can be a drip feed of new targeted customers straight into your database that are only a few steps away from being ready to buy.

One key reason that businesses stop blogging is that they don’t see the results they believed they would when they started. It takes time to build up a good collection of blogs that you can then share across all of your platforms increasing the reach. Remember your audience may not subscribe or follow your blog so its important to find them in other ways.

Listed below are 7 of the best ways to keep your audience coming back for more of your business blogs: –


1. Make It Easy To Read

Don’t rely on your audience coming to your blog, instead create tactics to find your audience. Use your email database and social media sites for example to really spread the word and increase the amount of people that see your blog.


2. Be Real

Blogs are a chance to showcase your business, so it makes sense to respond to comments that you might receive. Being good at engagement will increase your relationship and make it easier for that customer to buy.


3.  Create A Community

Work with others to create a community that share a passion (usually your industry or an element from it). Working with others increases your opportunities and sales potential.


4.  Create A Unique Blog

Alongside writing blogs for your business, consider writing blogs that are part of a series. Create a how to series that will add benefit and real value to another person’s business, make sure you label them to be able to differentiate between all the blogs.


5.  Round It Off Monthly

Find as many ways as you can to re-use content, after all why invent the wheel?  A great way is to bring together a collection of blogs and highlight each of them under a new blog with links. You can do this by month, location, industry topic (any combination that makes sense).


6.  Use Your Social Platforms

Your social following are following you for the content you create and your blogs are no different. Use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. to send your followers to your blogs and increase the readership.


7.  Share The Love

Finally, don’t forget to add your blogs to social bookmarking sites like Reddit & Digg for example. For the best ROI on any of your content but especially blogs you’ll need to make sure it reaches the right amount of people.


Are You Ready To Start?

Blogs really are a great way to bring traffic to your website and needn’t be a time consuming activity. Once you have set a plan of what blogs you will produce with what part of your audience in mind, you’ll have everything you need to be successful. Remember to go and find your audience, don’t rely on them finding you.

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Article Written By Stuart Baddiley Of Luv4 Marketing