5 Tips To Creating A Great Brand Identity

Marketing your business online means that your business and your brand are open to the world, so it becomes imperative to protect your brand and reputation at all times. Investing in time in your brand identity will have positive results in that you’ll be ready for your potential customers.

The ‘Brand’ is simply the relationship between the business and the consumer, a positive brand relationship means that you are more likely to convert the customer into a sale. The ‘Identity’ is the consistency in the way you market, from your logo & font you choose right through to your voice and tone.

A consistent brand means the customer is given a good experience where they don’t have to work too hard when visiting your business, they know exactly how it works and are comfortable as a customer to use your services.

Answer these questions to create your brand identity:-


1.  What is your brand position?

This is the reason that your brand is important to people, what you will offer and the reason that people will buy from you. Who is your target audience?


2.  What is your brand promise?

What will your business deliver to your customers over and over? To fully complete this you’ll need to put yourself in your customer’s shoes and think about every step and touching point.


3.  What is your brand personality?

What will your brand be known for? How will people see your business?  Think about the leading businesses of the world and you’ll remember they all have a message to their customers, what’s yours?


4.  What is your brand story?

Think about why the business was started in the first place and let your customers know all about it. Let them know about your passion, your motivations, your team and of course the history behind the products and services.


5.  What are your brand associations?

These are the things that make …… well you!  Colours, logos, straplines, missions, vision even your name can be included here.  Once you have thought about this there should be absolutely no way you’d be confused with any other business out there.


Small businesses naturally tend to know what to write and often add images that they like which ironically falls within the brand. As more employees are involved the more the brand is diluted as different voices and ideas start to be posted. When this isn’t part of an overall plan then you’re brand is at risk, so create your brand identity and make sure all content posted falls within the guidelines created.

So Are You Ready To Start?

Creating content and marketing your business online is essential in today’s modern world, But so is protecting your brand and building brand identity that is easily recognisable and understood by your potential customers. Taking the time to build up a plan or checklist that you can refer to before clicking ‘GO LIVE’ on any of your content will ensure that you remain consistent to your followers and potential customers.

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Article Written By Stuart Baddiley Of Luv4 Marketing