Luv 4 Marketing
It's Never Too Late To Gain More Skills. Apply today!
A Government Funded Digital Marketer Qualification For YOUR Business

Do You Need More Leads / Clients?

Do You Need A Proven Marketing Strategy For Your Business?
Do You Already Have An Existing Employee Working 30+ Hours Per Week?

If The answer is YES… then CONGRATULATIONS as your business could qualify for a £12,000 DIGITAL MARKETER APPRENTICESHIP!

You can have any member of your existing team trained on proven Lead Generation and Digital Marketing Strategies through the fully accredited, 90% funded Qualification.

Plus, as an added bonus, Luv4 Marketing will also take you through your first 90 Day Marketing Plan worth £750 to ensure your business benefits from Day 1.

What’s The Deal?
Your Employee Must…
• Work 30+ hrs week (min duration of the apprenticeship)
• Have lived in the UK/EEA for past 3 years and currently live in England
• Cannot have another qualification at the same grade or higher (i.e. Marketing degree)

What Does The Business Receive?
• To offset the contribution against Employer National Insurance payments
• A ‘Marketing Strategy Plan’ worth £750
• A £1000 grant if the employee is under 19 (or under 24 if on education or healthcare plan)

What The Apprentice Receives: –
• A Nationally recognised professional marketing qualification
• 1-2-1 Mentoring
• Practical Knowledge & Training on all Major Platforms