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Finding your target market with minimum cost


The Luv4 Marketing team have generated thousands of leads for clients all over the world using our tried and tested strategies and systems. Through our Lead Generation Service, you will have access to our talented team who will create you the perfect adverts to use across your social sites. Leverage our years of experience and expertise, and let us generate you the perfect target market leads, right in to your CRM system.

What do we guarantee?

We will create world class adverts and management across all major platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin and Google, that will provide you with a minimum of 50 leads per month.




We will build and optimise your Linkedin account to build an epic following and provide you with a minimum of 50 leads per month*




We will create a set of 5 minimum cost Facebook adverts and deliver prospects at around £2 per lead




We will provide you with full, comprehensive KPI’s that show in absolute detail your ROI on the entire project.




We guarantee you will receive back the Lead Management service cost in full within the first 4 weeks.


We guarantee that you will get 100% back
every single advert is crafted by our experts