10 Top Essential Online Marketing Tips

Online Marketing in your business is essential if you want to compete with your competitors and continuously bring in new leads and opportunities. Through social media alone you have access to millions of potential targeted customers who when nurtured correctly will convert into sales, yet still businesses prefer to use outbound methods like email marketing and newspaper adverts to try and make their sales.

A lot will be from lack of skills or lack of understanding of just how powerful inbound marketing is, a business who has marketed using networking events and email marketing for several years will be in the habit of using this as their lead generation. There is nothing wrong with this method if it works for your business but the future is certainly swaying away from the intrusion of an email to more building relationships and having permission to make contact with the potential customer.

Inbound is perfect for this; Inbound marketing allows your customers to find you and contact you because they have seen, read or listened to your content and want more. They are open to listening to your business, engaging with your business and being taken on a journey that will eventually lead a sales opportunity. No more hard sales calls, no more early morning networking events and no more messages left to call you back, inbound is about finding customers who like what you do and are prepared to invest their time in your business.

If you’re ready to invest time in Inbound Marketing then read on ….

Here are 10 Top Essential Online Marketing Tips To Use In Your Business:-


1. Make Time To Understand Your Customers

Understanding what your customer needs is key to returning a better investment with your time. Once you have fully understood what your customers react then you can stop making generic content and start targeting your content to that in high demand. This type of content will see more followers/subscribers, better engagement and more call to action links clicked leading to potential sales.


2. Create An A-Team!
Taking time to create an awesome team will save you time and money in the long run, especially if your online offer has been planned out and is being executed by your team!  As customers start to interact with your business, you want your team to respond in a timely and professional manner which represents your brand well. Failure to do this will resort in you wasting time and resources in your online marketing.


3. Write A Marketing Plan
Failing to plan is planning to fail, always know why you are writing the content and what you hope will happen once published. Only then can you test and measure its success and make the necessary conclusions allowing you to tweak and get better ROIs.


4. Learn To Re-Use Content
Great content takes time to create so never feel like you can’t re-use later down the line. You may have content that have been well received or content that you just can’t improve on, so feel free to use them again. Change send days and times, titles, images, parts of the content and call to actions to see if you can improve the stats for each piece of content sent.


5. Titles & Images 
Busy timelines mean that your marketing really does need to stand out! Think outside the box with titles, use great images or upgrade to GIFs or Videos to really standout further. It takes time to create great content so don’t let it fail when it comes to being posted.


6. Learn From Others
“The more you learn the more you will earn” and in marketing this is definitely true! Take the time to analyse other marketing in your industry and of course other industries too, use this research to think about whether this is right for your business.  A warning though stay true to your voice and your values, your customers like you for who you are not who you become by being someone else!


7. Numbers Game
Record your numbers! How else will you know how far you have come?  Use analytics from the platforms to give you your starting position and create plans to increase the numbers dependant on what your marketing plan is. If you want more followers then create a plan, want more reach for your posts then create a plan. Break each analytic down so it fits your needs.


8. Think About SEO
Search Engine Optimisation is what will keep your marketing alive well after it is first published and by using the right KEYWORDS your articles, blogs and content will be easily found by those searching out information similar to your article.  To have great SEO think about the meta tags, titles, images, links and the keywords that your customers will use to search with and try to match those phrases in your webpages.


9. Make It Readable!
Make it easy for the viewer to read, use the space available, use images, bold text etc. The easier it is to read the more chance that the viewer will read the content increasing the chances of click throughs from your call to actions. Think also about mobile viewing against PC/MAC views, test and measure on all devices so that you’re confident that the content can be easily read.


10. LUV What You Do!
If you don’t enjoy writing the content then your reader (and potential customer) will certainly know! So only write content for your business if your heart is in it. Online Marketing is essential in modern day business so if you can’t create the content find someone who can.

So Are You Ready To Start

Online Marketing is time consuming but will bring you leads and opportunities when done correctly. Use the top tips above and create a plan of how you could increase your online marketing so that its working for you. Writing content is important but so is keeping to the brand, the titles, the images and the call to actions. Without any of these steps you’ll be preventing your marketing from having the best chance of success.


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Article Written By Stuart Baddiley Of Luv4 Marketing